Sunday, 19 May 2013

Oh Hey, I'm Back

Wow. My first post in 2013 is in May.

As things (supposedly) calm down for the summer, I have decided to get back to writing. I enjoy it, and apparently some people enjoy reading it as well.

For the last 2 weeks, I was was on the trip of a lifetime, traveling around Turkey and Greece with a tour group visiting the sites that had some relation to Paul or the New Testament, with a few cool historically significant sites thrown in as well. We saw places such as Attalya, Ephesus, Hierapolis, Philippi, Delphi, Corinth and Athens. It was incredible.

However, to get there, we had to spend roughly 15 hours in airports and on airplanes. Both ways. The return flights were longer because we were trying to catch up with the earth's rotation. I was told that I had been awake for 24 hours that day. And it was probably true, because I can't sleep on planes. It's awful. I don't get airsick, or mind talking to other strangers, or the bumps. It's just...imagine the most uncomfortable place you've ever been in, then fill it up completely with people and being told to sleep. Fun times, right? It's the 6 inches of leg room with no ability to stretch out in any other way but awkwardly in the small space between the seat leg and your carry on and enough arm room to comfortably sit on your hands that gets me. Short flights are fine, but the long, 9 hour ones through the night are just torture. But, hey, Turkey.

Anyways, on our trip from Toronto to Munich, I found myself the only person awake on the airplane. So I decided to record some thoughts on a napkin. Here are those thoughts.

- It's really cold at 38000 feet. The screen says -61.6 F. Before, it said -70 F.
- Tim (Reins, my room mate for the trip) was asleep beside me, and his TV was on the 'select language' screen. So I helped him out by selecting French. (I then giggled to myself every time I looked over at his screen. Sadly, he never woke up)
- I wooed when we hit the i hour left mark.
- Tim, still asleep, may have been sitting on my buckle when the seat belt light came on (for turbulence). For safety measures, the other buckle is in my pocket.
- Got excited when I realized we flew almost right over London.
- There is a place in France called Dunkerque. (I now realize that this is pronounced dun-kirk and not dunk-er-que)
- Why does it annoy me when Tim's head bobs? It's probably because he's asleep and I'm not. Flaunting his sleep in my face. What a jerk.
- There's a kid watching Hook just in front of me. Brings back so many memories. (I then continued to creepily watch his screen from 2 rows back for the rest of the flight. We were almost in Munich)
- One of the older ladies on our trip has skull candy earphones.

Then we arrived in Munich, and my pain was over, because I was instantly reminded of the trip I had there last summer. Yup, I love to travel. I just hate the actual traveling part.

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