Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Tine for Valentimes

Good evening. Unless your reading this in the afternoon...or morning, but I can't imagine anyone doing anything in the morning. Days start at noon, right?

So today was Valentines Day. For some, a joyous occasion that is filled with love and chocolate, which to some is the same thing. Others see it as a less joyous occasion filled with loneliness and chocolate. And for others, they see it as a materialistic "holiday" that people take too seriously. Those people I like to call fun wreckers. 

I have never been a big Valentines guy. I think I've only been in a relationship once during it. My family was never big into it either, but we usually got chocolate before school and were encouraged to bring Valentines to kids at school in elementary. It was always just a fun holiday where people got chocolate and gross little heart candies. 

Then came college. 

Now, it probably doesn't help that I'm going to a Bible college, but the pressure of Valentines has escalated. A lot. Instead of being a time of fun and chocolate, its a time to start dating relationships or strengthen ones your already in. It's serious business. This results in some people becoming depressed today because they don't have anyone, or frustrated because everyone suddenly becomes a romantic and somewhat stupider. Then of course there's the couples and single, desperate people who love the day because it gives them an excuse to treat their special someone. And each of these groups have a different name for the holiday. Singles Awareness Day, Communist Martyr Day (it's a real holiday apparently), Love Day (for people too afraid to utter the word 'Valentine') and everything in between. 

Of course, you're probably dying to know where I fit. Why else do you read a blog? I would like to say that I don't really fit into any of these categories, or all of them at the same time. But that's a lame answer. So regretfully, I admit that I am more in the 'single, desperate' group, though I reject the term desperate and substitute it with 'take-advantage-of-my-singleness'. That means I like to drop little gifts to people I like that may or may not result in good things. Yes, that does mean I get a little romantic today. And even though I don't enter the day with many expectations, I usually end up with how I want the day to go. Sometimes, it works just how I wanted it to, but other times, we don't get what I want and act a bit stupidly. Ok, fine, a lot stupidly.  

How often do we do this to ourselves? We enter a situation that isn't that important with a nonchalant attitude, but as we think about it more and more, we start thinking how we want it to go, which is fine. It's always good to have a goal to aim for. But when we expect things to go along with how we want them to go, we are placing ourselves in a perfect place for disappointment. Things rarely go along with our plans. Nature doesn't work like that. God doesn't work like that. So why do we?

*just a note: I realize I may be the only one who thinks like this. Putting 'we' makes me feel less alone.

So my recommendation is that we return to the fun of elementary Valentines Day. It should be a day to show someone you care about-ANYONE you care about- that you think their special and worthy of your love/friendship/acquaintance/lack of hate. Remove the pressure from Valentines, but also remove the bitterness and remorse for it. Have fun, people. Hang with your bro's, or your girlfriend, or both, or neither (like me). Why not remove the holiday altogether and treat everyday like Valentines? Because we always need another special day to consume copious amounts of chocolate. 

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