Sunday, 1 January 2012

Resolutions and Such

Happy New Year to all that I haven't said to already.

As we enter into the final year of earths existence (according to the Myans), we are probably asked at least once what our new years resolutions are. Now, if this is really our last year on earth, then just laugh at them and walk away. If my theory (along with most sane people) is correct and the Myans simply ran out of room, then I guess just make something up, like to lose weight or eat better or something like that.

I have never been big into resolutions. My awesome memory helps me with that. But the biggest reason is that when I need to change or do something new, I don't need to wait to New Years. I'll do it now. However, this year, I kinda do have one. Though it breaks the rules somewhat because I've had it a while.

Many of you know I play guitar. If you didn't, then surprise! I play guitar. I started playing in grade 8, so this year makes it about 8 years. And for those 8 years, I have wanted some sort of future involving music. Of course, it used to be a rock star and band and such, but reality soon punched me in the throat and reminded me of how terribly hard that would be. So I was comfortable with being able to play the guitar and impress a few friends along the way.

Then I graduated and headed east to a small bible college by the name of Briercrest. And would you look at that, they have a thriving music program. Now, I knew that a career in music was not in my cards. I was never going to be the guy who gets handed sheet music and then plays it perfectly or could name every scale and mode ever created. But the dream of having some sort of band became a bit of reality again. I was surrounded by amazing musicians. Literally. I could talk to 2 people and 1 and half of them could play an instrument or sing. I started to jam more. I started writing some basic stuff. And the dream grew.

Which takes us to today. I still do not have a band. No CD's, no record deal, no booked shows. Nothing. I do have, however, some friends who are willing to jam and practice for a show at the end of the year, open to all college students, and who are actually into similar music as me. I also have been talking to people who have access to recording equipment and by the end of the year, I may have a few songs (with lyrics) in my hands.

However, I know the reality of becoming a rockstar. It's slim to none. And I have set my goal as having a CD that I played on as a band. That's what I want out of my music career. Play some shows during summers off as a teacher. Would I like to be famous, though? You bet. But not for the reasons you may think.

If I made it big with a band, that would be amazing. Tours, interviews, fans, the whole thing, would be spectacular because I would be giving people enjoyment through music. But that's not why I would want to be famous. That would be a perk. I want to change the music scene. How? By giving the music world a role model that is actually worth looking up to. Watch MTV for a few hours and you'll see how disgusting the music world is. Girls in...well, pretty much nothing, guys singing about sleeping with all the women he can, glorifying partying and drinking and a general rejection of decency.

So if I got into the music scene and made it big, and I mean influential big, I would try to give people something good to add to their music collection. And I'm not talking about simple Christian morals or "don't be bad :)" type of stuff, I'm talking intelligent arguments that make you think. Now, I realize that I couldn't do this with every song, but my other ones could be just fun songs or ones that sing about the same stuff in a different light. What I learned from a break up. How a family death changed me. That kinda stuff. So many songs today have rejected the art of intelligent writing and put words to music. Nickleback. Lady Gaga. Katy Perry. I can't listen to any of them without needing a bath of Clorox after.

I'd also want to be a role model. I'd wear clothes. I wouldn't sacrifice my morals for popularity or publicity. I'd hope to encourage others to follow suit. Music videos would be fun (or meaningful, depending on the song) instead of a cheap x-rated film. Shows would be more than music, but a show, with audience interaction, jokes, banter, maybe even rehearsed skits and whatnot. A concert should be more than a CD really really really loud. I want to bring music to people that they will like and want more of but realize it's different then everything else out there...which will make them want it even more.

So I have some pretty lofty dreams, but I hope that you can see my goals with my music. It's unlikely to happen, but if it does, that's my resolution. And if you ever see my CD, pick up one. I'll sign it for ya. Or don't. But you better believe that I'll have one, and I'll have signed it myself, too.

Here comes the end of the world as we know it
And I feel fine

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  1. Bahaha! Oh Dayton. I don't think I would have labeled you as a ladies man prior to reading this, but I guess it explains me and Abby both trying to sit by you in Science and Religion class.