Saturday, 10 December 2011

Post this OR ELSE

You've seen them. Or maybe even done it yourself. The "repost this if you agree" facebook things. And though most are extremely annoying and sappy (I really need to get rid of the junior high girls on my facebook friends...unless you read these. Then stop posting sappy things) some are extremely funny. I think I've even reposted a few really good ones. But the ones that really bug me the most are the faith ones.

This you may find odd. I am a Christian and am not afraid to let people know. I've given my life to Christ to serve him and his plans. Many of the people I go to school with here are in the same boat (though it helps I'm in a Bible college). However, that opens my facebook up to status's and photos of "If you love God, then you'll repost this. If you love the devil or sin or starving puppies, you'll scroll on by". When I see these posts, I as a Christian feel somewhat guilted in to posting these things on my wall. But I don't, because I find issues in this theology.

I'm not against posting faith related items on social networking sites. In fact, I have great respect for people who do this from the heart. But when have you really thought long and hard about reposting something? It's like a junk email forward. "These pics are funny!" "This is so sad!" "What is this??" Brief emotions that cross your mind for a minute then they're gone. Rarely are people really affected by the side adds on websites, at least I'm not, because they are they're to draw attention. LOOK AT ME! I HAVE A SICK PUPPY HOLDING A STARVING CHILD IN AFRICA! AND THEY ARE HIV POSITIVE! Of course, your heart (if you have one) goes out to these depraved people and animals because they are suffering and need help. But you scroll by. You monster!

But you're not a monster, are you? You're a rational human who lives in a richer nation (like Canada) who can afford nice things. But you don't click and support every little thing that you see that is hurt and sad and sick. Why not? Part of it is probably selfishness and laziness. Admit it. I am. I don't have the time or money to help out. So we don't. But it's also the internet. Where people can create new lives and business's and whole cities that don't exist. It's a virtual world. They're just pictures. They could be fake, for all we know. So we avoid them.

The same goes for faith reposts. They are attention grabbers. Do you truly believe everything in it, or do you just feel guilty that you're not reposting it? If I don't repost this, am I saying "I LOVE THE DEVIL AND SIN AND SICK PUPPIES"? No. That's contradicted by how I live my life. Why must I prove my faith by a facebook post? Because who actually reads more than 2 lines on facebook? In fact, if those posts didn't have the last line they always do, they would be fine. My faith is not defined by a picture. It is defined every day of my life, by how I talk, act and think. I choose to not be pressured by spam faith posts that you've seen 2465 times before.

So if you truly believe what these say and think that it serves as a good witness to your friends, then repost these. But other than that, they serve to annoy more people than help. It plays on the whole "If you're not a Christian, you're going to burn" mentality. The mindset which non Christians have come to  label all Christians as. And we don't really want to feed any of that.

Ok, rant over. Also, I think I'll take a break from Facebook themed blogs for a while. But some things ANNOY ME SO MUCH!

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  1. I more than totally agree with this statement. I mean, COME ON PEOPLE. I love my family I really do, but I don't need to post that I love my brother/uncle/aunt/grandma/grandpa/mom/dad/passed away loved one. They already know that. Also, how is posting on Facebook going to cure cancer/diabetes/MS/Etc. Also, I love the devil and sin and sick puppies, obviously because I don't post that Jesus loves you when people tell me to.

    I think the ONLY thing that I do copy, and let other people copy is my Zombie Apocalypse question. But I do it for fun.

    I'm subscribing to your blog now, because it's awesome.